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A Dunnage Bag consists of an inner plastic liner bag fitted with an air valve and is used to hold compressed air when inflated. The liner bag is placed inside an outer WPP bag. WPP Dunnage Air Bags have high strength to weight ratio and are thus very useful as shipping airbags. The outer bag provides the strength for the Woven Polypropylene Dunnage Air Bags. If you are looking for the reliable Dunnage Air Bags Supplier in Malaysia, then look nowhere else than CEJIPAC.

Our Air Dunnage Bags or Container Air Bags are installed and inflated between cargo loads or between cargo loads and container walls to brace or cushion cargo loads. This will prevent the cargo loads from shifting during transportation. Any shifting will cause the cargo loads to knock against each other or against the container walls and damage the cargo. The Container Air Bag range can be purchased at reasonable price from us. Further, being a dependable manufacturer, we can efficiently meet all the bulk and urgent orders of the clients on time.

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Standard Sizes
Width Length Maximum Usable Void/Gap
60cm 60,90,120,180 220cm 25cm
90cm 90,120,180,220cm 35cm
120cm 120,180,220cm 50cm
  • Working Pressure

    Standard Working pressure available - 20, 40 , 60 ,80 kPa

  • Standards

    Comply with RoHS

  • Other Non-standard Specifications

    Available on request

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    Dunnage Bag 4
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    Dunnage Bag 5
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    Dunnage Bag 7
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