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Cargo Damage


Damage to cargo can be a result of several factors. The damaged cargo often become a reason of dissatisfaction with the clients. That's why, proper measures must be taken so as to avoid Cargo Damage or Container Damage. Below-mentioned are some Key Points that must be paid attention to:

Key Points

  • The major causes of damage to cargo loads during transportation in containers are shifting of cargo loads and water damage due to condensation as a result of temperature changes
  • As long as there are voids or gaps between cargo loads or between cargo loads and the container walls, the cargo loads will shift during transportation. As a result of vibration during transportation, even seemingly small voids can become sizeable voids which allow the cargo loads to shift and knock against each other or against the walls.
  • When different types of goods are packed into the containers, the harder cargo loads will damage the softer cargo loads when there is any shifting during transportation. It is recommended to segregate different cargo types using separators.
  • Cargo loads should be uniformly distributed within the container to prevent the container from tilting during transportation.

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