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Plastic Slip Sheet is extruded from mostly recycled plastic and is smooth on one side and embossed with pattern on the opposite side to increase the friction. Plastic Slip Sheet is used to replace the pallets in the transportation of cargo loads. We need to use a push-and-pull attachment fitted on to a forklift to load and unload the unitized cargo load. The new mechanism, roller fork, may also be used for this purpose. The size of a typical Pallet Slip Sheet is about 60-70mm bigger than the corresponding pallet because of the extra tabs for the push-and-pull mechanism to grab the slip sheet. Pallet Slip Sheet is lightweight, tough, water-proof, recyclable and free from pest infestation. Typical load capacity is from 900kg to 3 tonnes. We provide Slip Sheets in different specifications to meet varied requirements of the buyers.

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  • Specifications

    Thickness Thickness Load Capacity
    0.7mm 1.0 t
    0.9mm 1.2t
    1.1mm 1.5t
    1.6mm 2.0t
    2.2mm 3.0t
  • Typical Coefficient of Friction

    Surface Coefficient of friction
    Smooth side 02 -0.3
    Rough side 0.5+
  • Dimensions

    The width and length is user specified depending on their cargo load dimensions .

    Load Area = where the load sits

    Pull tab (w) = where the gripper clamps on (from 75-100mm)

    No. of tabs = 1-tab, 2-opposite tabs, 2-adjacent tabs or 4-tabs

    Size of Sheet = LxB

Products Images

  • Plastic Slipsheet 1
    Plastic Slipsheet 1
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    Plastic Slipsheet 2
  • Plastic Slipsheet 3
    Plastic Slipsheet 3
  • Plastic Slipsheet 4
    Plastic Slipsheet 4
  • Plastic Slipsheet 5
    Plastic Slipsheet 5