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What Are Slip Sheets and Why You Need Them?

Posted Date: 21 Apr, 2021

The commercial shipping industry commonly use a particular material for transporting goods, called the slip sheet. They are made of corrugated, heavy duty fiber board or  plastic.  The slip sheet  is put on top of a pallet for use within the premise. This helps in the efficient  transportation of the goods using a forklift. Slip sheets provide optimum  storage space utilization as their thickness is less than 5 mm .

The slip sheet needs to be used with a special forklift attachment to transfer the cargo loads into container or truck without the pallets.The slip sheet also helps to lessen injuries and makes the work seamless because of minimalhard edges or corners..

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Slip Sheets

Like any other device, a slip sheet comes with some pros and cons. The advantages of the slip sheet might be summed up as follows

• Slip sheets are not as costly as pallets. The slip sheets are eco friendly and therefore  can be recycled without any tracking or repairing. Not only this, slip sheets can be disposed off quite easily.

• The thin structure and the composition of the slip sheets make them pretty lightweight. And thus it supports easy storage and transportation from place to place. It vertically occupies the space and therefore helps in organizing the items in a tidy manner in the warehouse.

• The absence of any extra nooks and crannies plus the material used eliminates rodent infestation and minimizes the chances of cross-contamination unlike in wooden pallets.

• Using slip sheets also avoids any fire oriented accidents because no wood is used.

Along with all the advantages, there are also few disadvantages regarding the use of slip sheets. For using this device one would require a push or pull attachment to be fitted to  the forklift which is an added one-time cost. Again, handling this device would call for training its users.

 The main materials in which the slip sheets are available are plastic, fiber board and heavily laminated paperboard. Among all these packaging materials selections must be made on the suitability of its usage and the facility where it would be used.

Plastic Slip Sheets

Polypropylene or high-density polyethylene materials are used for making plastic slip sheets. These compounds provide the sheets with enormous non-tearing strength and allow using the slip sheets even in humid and cold environments for an increased number of times. Plastic slip sheet suppliers can provide them at reasonable prices which  makes them a hot item .

The plastic slip sheets come with a longer sheet life, easy storage in humid or cold environments, durable lips etc. Also, these slip sheets can be transferred with the help of a slip sheet lifting truck, roller conveyor  attachmentor powered device for transporting a unit load.

Manufacturer and Suppliers

The manufacturer of slip sheets claims to produce the slip sheets from mainly  recycled plastics. They also confirm the slip sheets are smooth on one side and embossed with various patterns on the other side  to  increase the friction and keeps the cargo load stationery on it during transportation. Slip sheets suppliers in Malaysia can customize these sheets to the  specifications  required by the customer.