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What are Plastic Slip Sheets?

Posted Date: 17 Apr, 2021

These sheets are designed for pallet-less material handling. This is a flat polythene sheet when placed under an object, it gets mobilised. The top surface of the sheet has a greater coefficient so that the object stays without moving. And the bottom surface has far less COF so that the unitized load can move freely. These are becoming more efficient because of its distinct advantage over pallets and corrugated sheets.

There are a lot of advantages to plastic sheets. Some of them are listed below:

1. It allows more products per load
2. It reduces equipment and labour hours.
3. It is 100% reusable and recyclable.
4. It also eliminates double and triple stacking if sheets.
5. It is cheaper than wooden pallets.
6. It is moisture and bacterial resistant.
What are these used for?
These are slip sheets which are used in commercial shipping. These often replace wooden pallets because of their perfect mobility. These do not need renewal like your pallets. But dragging these on a bumpy floor may spoil the object inside it.

Types of plastic slip sheet:

1. Single lip
2. Multi-lip
The general descriptions of a plastic slip sheet are as follows:
a) The Dimensions: 1250mm X 1100mm
b) Their thickness: 0.90mm
c) Their texture: smooth on one side and textured finish on the other

More about Plastic Slip sheets:

These are made from recycled and high -density polyethylene and polypropylene materials. These types of materials allow for greater non-tear strength and have increased advantages in the cold and humid climates. This has a higher sheet life, durable lips, ability to withstand in cold an humid environments and many more. The only disadvantage of this is its high cost.
Plastic sheet suppliers are everywhere in India and around the world. You can choose your suppliers based on the work or the object you are going to use it for. They offer very authentic qualities of plastic slip sheets to be used. The websites which offer you the same are:

There are a lot of things manufacturers keep in mind before they manufacture these sheets. They are the following:

1. size, weight and the dimensions of the load
2. stabilization method
3. method of storage
4. the type of use or handling
5. how frequently it is used
6. environmental conditions

These are the following material which can be used for making plastic sheets

1. Metal and Alloys: These exhibit resistance to high temperatures and has pressure design capabilities to handle and stabilize the heavy load of stress.
2. Corrugated fibre board: This consists of 2 liner surfaces with a corrugated interior board which is bonded by adhesive or glue. This is low in cost and is one-way.
3. Paperboard or solid fibreboard: These have high base weight and density. These are produced in multiple layers in the cylindrical machine
These are just a few there are many more materials.