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Dunnagebag Redesign

A Guide About The Dunnage Bags

Posted Date: 09 Apr, 2021

The automotive dunnage is a vital element in the automotive industry. The word dunnage is commonly used in the field of packaging, and refers to elements that fill a physical space, to ensure that an object that you want to transport is kept in a certain position, avoiding possible damage during transport.

Another product that is useful when transporting smaller parts, such as auto parts, are dunnage bags, or specifically, automotive dunnage, which are basically boxes with internal spacers. Each of these separators will be filled with the parts that are to be transported. One of the advantages of using this type of bag, besides protecting the product by keeping it inside an individual compartment, is that it facilitates your inventory, having always defined the total amount of product that is contained in each box.

Although this type of bags can be manufactured by the dunnage bag manufacturers with the aid of cardboard, especially when light objects are transported, its use is more common to be manufactured with corrugated plastic sheets, since in this way the bags can continue to be reused for much longer because the plastic is waterproof.

Another feature that is very useful to users is that the bags can be produced with the dimensions that are convenient, both the size of the box, as separators, being possible to store any product, ensuring its safe transfer.

How to choose dunnage bags?

The use of a stowage airbag helps protect your shipments of 360 degree of movement during the trip. These inflatable air bladders, relatively cheap, allow you to protect your valuable product during the most dangerous part of the trip. More than 1 in 10 packages are damaged during shipment. And it's not just about harm. Without the proper loading techniques (with the help of a stowage bag or two), you can spend thousands of dollars in transportation costs and empty space in your containers.

• Dunnage bags for paper stowage: available in a variety of sizes, an air bag for stowing made of kraft paper is easy and economical because no special storage or repairs are needed when using an air bag for paper stowage. When finished, all you have to do is deflate and discard. Dunnage polyester air bag

• Dunnage polyethylene air bag: a polyethylene air bag for weatherproof stowage and resistant to aggressive chemical environments, which makes it more suitable for medium to heavy wagon loads. They are also much easier to handle because they are up to 60% lighter with a single layer structure that allows more packaging.

• Air Bag Vinyl Stowage: When it comes to flexibility and the ability to take the shape of an odd packaging configuration, a vinyl stowage air bag is the best option to ensure your products stay in place during the Shipping.

• Easy to use: The best thing about the dunnage bags is that they are easy to use and carry during the trip. Best about them is that they are very reasonable compare to other storage bags